Good bye’s and Hello’s

It’s always hard when we have to say ‘Pa Pa’ to the children when they get taken back to the placement centre. That is what happened on Friday, the wonderful,    inquisitive, full of life Luiana went back along with the sensitive knowing Livinia and the beautiful, chilled little Elvis.


Questions but no answers

The past couple of days have been quite emotional as 2 of the children are really sick. Little Ilenca has got pneumonia and is on a drip. The nurses tied her to the cot which really upset me but I guess it is to stop her pulling the cannula out.

What is the alternative? She has no family to sit with her and there are not enough nurses to give her one to one attention. Thankfully during the day Jane sat with her so she didn’t need to be tied.

What happens overnight? I just can’t bring my self to think about that.

Then there is Maria with such a high fever and an awful cough. The nurses put a cold tea towel around her body to cool her down, yes that worked but then she was left lieing in wet clothes. I sat with her all afternoon and had tears running down my face as every time she coughed she cried in pain. Again she has no one to watch her or stroke her head once we have gone.

Is she left alone all night? I will never know.

Thankfully the other children were full of beans and happy but I still have the same questions – is it better that they don’t know any different and don’t know what they are missing or is it worse that they have no idea what it is like to be loved and have a family to care for them? Surely every child should know what that is like but the reality is so different.

Cooped up

Face painting time!

We had to spend the morning all cooped up in one of the tiny bedrooms as the play room was being used for counselling sessions. Thankfully we only have 5 children to look after and only one is mobile.

It was lovely to just hold and cuddle the kids that were happy to sit with us, they all seemed to enjoy it as much as we did. These children crave human contact, if we weren’t there they would have been left in their cots.

Poor little Ilenica is so poorly, she was burning up with a fever but we had to keep her fully dressed with socks on her hands and windows closed. The Romanians have a real fear about drafts and believe children get ill if there is a draft in the room. As quick as we opened  the windows they got shut, as quick as I pulled the socks off her hands they got put back on! We ended up blowing on her face to cool her down without the nurses seeing.

Maria was full of beans this morning and I had lots of giggles and smiles. So different from last year when all she did was rock, head bang and grind her teeth.

Lavinia loved sitting with Cathy as long as she had her doll, heaven forbid anyone who tried to take it away from her!

Elvis just smiled and smiled, he is so so tiny for a 5 year old. I did some gentle leg exercises to try and encourage him to straighten them out, not sure he was overly impressed but he didn’t complain too much!

Then there was Luchiana, our boisterous wonderful full of life little 4 year old. Oh dear did she get bored in the little room as all the toys were in the play room. I bought my face painting kit which lasted all of 5 minutes as she wanted to do it her self. We watched a movie for all of 10 minutes, she escaped at every possibility and by the end of the morning she was really playing up as expected! Oh to be able to take her outside and let her run around like any other 4 year old.

I’m back!

I have just had my first morning in the hospital and it is so good to be back. We are a team from 4, 3 Australian’s and me! Today there were 5 children, Maria, Luchia, Lavinia, Ilenica and Elvis. As well as the normal feeding we blew bubbles, played with balloons, stickers and endless buggy rides up and down the corridors!